AequilibraE’s new release

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It has been quite a while since I last released a version of AequilibraE, but a new one just hit the QGIS repository. The long time between releases was initially due to to an attempt to include select link analysis in the assignment, but a LOT happened in the meantime, and although this version still […]

Biogeme infrastructure

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This is one more of those posts that I don’t actually believe I am making. A couple of months ago I was posed with the requirement of estimating a series of simple Multinomial Logit Models for a pretty exciting project at work, and I had to decide which tool I was going to use. Despite […]

Scenario comparison

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Just like it happened for the stacked bandwidth tool, I got a “ feature request” from colleagues at work for a scenario comparison tool, much in the style available in every single commercial software available out there. However, as QGIS allows for the creation of stacked bandwidths, it was natural to create something a little […]

Stacked bandwidths

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Since everybody in my office knows that I develop AequilibraE, every once in a while somebody will ask me if I plan to implement a particular feature (most of which sound more like a mix of wishful thinking and feature request, of course). This dynamic has two nice components. The first one is that some […]