Calling TransCAD from Excel

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One of these days my PhD advisor, Prof. Michael McNally asked me if I knew how to access TransCad¬† through another software, say MS Excel, and how difficult would that be. I told him that it was actually quite easy and could share some examples, but I also thought that it could also make a […]

Transcad video tutorials

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As I already mentioned, I’m currently pursuing my PhD at UC Irvine. Among the many activities I have there, I am the teaching assistant (TA) for CEE123, which is an undergraduate senior class created to teach the 4-step modeling process to senior undergraduate and graduate students. This discipline¬† on 4-step modelling with a very intense […]

US Refineries

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I already talked about CSFFM when I presented the seasonality analysis I made for agricultural products, but now the focus is on different part of CSFFM. When working with freight modeling, often analysis use aggregate data like sector employment, GDP, number of firms and other statistics the Census provides. It becomes, then, an econometric exercise […]