Who am I?

My name is Pedro Camargo. I am a Civil engineer with a Masters degree in transportation planning (both from the University of São Paulo, Brazil) and a PhD in Transportation Sciences from the University of California Irvine.

I am currently a senior transportation modeler developer and researcher with Veitch Lister Consulting (Australia), but this website  continues as a purely personal effort.

I worked for two years as a modeler at the Maricopa Association of Governments (the Phoenix MPO) before I moved to Australia.

I also worked in a consultancy company in transportation modeling and on the transportation department of a very large mining company.

These days I’m interested in demand modeling, freight planning, transit network design, Python and Cython extensions for transportation modeling/planning and GIS applications.

More here. Or just send me an e-mail at pedro at xl-optim.com

What is this all about?

A website with tips and tools for using MS Excel, GIS, Python, TransCAD and Cube in the transportation planning environment.


Because it found that it is hard to find people sharing tools for transportation planning on the internet, and we should not be re-inventing the wheel all the time.

So what?

I’ll post:

  • Links and tips about mathematical modeling using Excel;
  • Results of interesting analysis I have done in my research along with the tools/code used to do them;
  • model implementation ideas in TransCAD and Cube along with Scripts written in GISDK and Cube Voyager’s  scripting language;
  • Scripts and tools written and Python and Cython;
  • Geodatabases and QGIS projects related to transportation;
  • Tools that incorporate optimization and transportation/logistics related procedures that are often missed in an Excel environment; and
  • Anything else related to transportation.

And what not?

Free individual technical support. I have been receiving a LOT of requests for free support in TransCad (mostly people using cracked software). If you have a question, please send it to the user’s list and I’ll probably respond, as well as many other experienced users will. That would benefit a much larger pool of people.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Pedro,

    Very interesting to see somebody working on an open source assignment tool, an using QGIS.

    How is the network editor going? What problems are you finding? How do you code the junctions in AequilibriaE?

    Best regards,

    1. For now I am only using the QGIS geometry editing tools, as snapping and topological editing solve most of the problems. A more comprehensive network consistency tool is planned for the near future.

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